We are a modern optician with the latest in digital technology. Clinic directed by Dr. Isamalish Espino (NBEO Certified).

Examen de la vista guaynabo

Visual Examination

Vision screening service

A vision exam, or an eye exam, is a brief evaluation that looks for possible vision problems or eye diseases.

Eyeglasses and Accessories

We carry the best lines of prescription glasses and accessories for glasses.

Optometrist specialized in Children and Adults

NBEO-Certified. Visual examination of digital technology. Eye care specialist for children and adults.

Prueba de glaucoma

Retinal Chamber

We have the most advanced technology for the study of the retina. Recommended for diabetic patients.

Diagnosis of Pathologies

We are equipped with a high-resolution scanner that could detect damage and changes in a small number of individual photoreceptors, which will allow us to diagnose the pathology long before the patient loses their vision and therefore, will give them the possibility of anticipating damage by taking preventive measures to avoid it.


On purchases of $250 or more. Only in Puerto Rico and the USA.